Belfast Brigade IRA members, 1921-22.

Here are some lists of the members of individual companies of the IRA in Belfast on two specific dates in 1921 and 1922 (transcribed from documents at the Military Archives). There some discussion of the lists at the end of this post. The lists were compiled in the mid-1930s and are based on the memory of various officers and other members. I’ve included A, B and C Companies of the 1st Battalion below (Belfast was expanded from four companies to two battalions in 1921, then to four battalions in 1922 and back to two battalions by July 1922). I’ll add more next week. If you are looking for an individual name it is probably easiest to use Ctrl+F to search for it. Names marked * appear on both the 1921 and 1922 lists, those marked ** appear on the 1922 list only, unmarked names are only on the 1921 list. Spellings of names and addresses are copied from the lists.

Note – the addresses given reflect where the men lived in 1936 rather than 1921-22. If you need to do a bit of research on individuals, there is a great website here where you can check street directories at different dates and you can access detailed data from the 1901 and 1911 census here.

1st Battalion Staff (on 11/7/1921)
Commandant James McDermott 39 Lady Street
Vice Commandant no appointment
Adjutant Joseph Magee 41 Nansen Street
Quartermaster Hugh Corvin Springfield Road
Intelligence Officer John Richards Clonard Street
Engineering Officer no appointment
Medical Officer T. Donnigan Springfield Road

1st Battalion Staff on 1/7/1922
O/C Joseph Magee 41 Nansen Street
Vice O/C Michael Brennan (USA)
Adjutant James McKeating 25 Alton Street
Quatermaster Patrick Murray 63 McDonnell Street
Intelligence Officer Thomas Hawthorn Benares Street

A Company
Company Staff (11/7/1921)
Captain Patrick McCarragher 8 Whiterock Drive
1st Lieut Art O’Donnell (USA)
2nd Lieut Hugh Elliot 31 Britons Drive
Company Staff (1/7/1922)
O/C Art O’Donnell Crocus Street
Adjutant Lawrence Maguire 30 Abercorn Street Adj
1st Lieut Edward Quinn 39 Cyprus Street
2nd Lieut Joseph O’Neill Tralee Street
Intelligence Officer Robert Donnell 40 Barrack Street
Quartermaster Patrick Gallaher Merrion Street

Adams, David 15 Abercorn Street; Allen, Pat 23 Cavendish Street; Allen, Joseph; Allen, Sean 23 Cavendish Street
Barnes, Dermot 12 St Marys Road; 
Begley, Pat Abercorn Street North; Bell, Thomas Harrogate Street; Booth, Frank 10 Alexander Street West; Brannigan, Patrick 19 Abercorn Street; Burke, William 67 Ross Street
Campell, P. Newtownards; 
Carmichael, John Mary Street; Casey, William 6 Grosvenor Place; Collins, John Mulhouse Street; Collins, Patrick Cavendish Street; Cooney, Eamon (TD, Dublin); Connor, Joseph Springfield Avenue; Connor, Michael (England); Connor, John 5 Frere Street; Cooper, Francis (USA); Corr, Patrick Lincoln Street
Dalton William 8 Cupar Street; Darby, James 45 Raglan Street; Dempsey, James Lucknow Street; Dempsey, John Lucknow Street; Dillon, John Gibson Street; Doherty, James Cullingtree Road; Doherty, Edward Cullingtree Road; Donnelly, Robert 46 Raglan Street; Downey, Patrick Rockmount Street; Dunbar, David Braemer Street Adjutant; Dunn, John Tralee Street
Elliott, Hugh 31 Britons Drive 2nd Lieut; Elliot, George 35 Leeson Street
Fitzpatrick, Owen (Belturbet, Cavan); Flavell, James Leeson Street; Fox, John Colinward Street; Fox, Michael Colinward Street
*Gallagher, Patrick Merrion Street; 
Gallagher, Francis Falls Road; Goodman, Bernard Waterville Street; Grant, Bernard Abbysinia Street; Grant, John Crocus Street; Greenan James Cullingtree Road; Guy, Seamus (address unknown)
Hamill, John (Canada); 
Hanna, Joseph Servia Street; Henry, John Leeson Street; Houston, George (USA); *Hughes, Mick 145 Cromac Street; Hyland, Joseph 13 Bosnia Street
**Johnston, James Tyrone Street; *Johnston, George 23 Abercorn Street
Keenan, Joseph Panton Street; 
Kelly, Henry Benares Street; Kerr, Like 14 Lower Clonard Street; Killen, Patrick Whiterock Gardens; 
King, Bernard 8 Alexandra Street West
Lismore, Manus Whiterock Drive; Loughran, Henry Bantry Street
Madden, Bernard Tralee Street; 
Magee, Joseph McMillan’s Place; Magee, Henry Leeson Street; Maguire, Hugh (Dublin); Maguire, Laurence 30 Abercorn Street North; Mallon, Thomas 20 Thames Street; Martin, John John Street; Murphy,  Edward 35 Crocus Street; Murphy, Thomas St James Park; Murray, Patrick McDonnell Street
McAllister, C. Curragh; McAuley, Daniel Albert Street; McAuley, James Benares Street; McAvoy, John Balkan Street; McCarragher, Patrick Whiterock Drive Captain; McCornmick, Patrick Leeson Street; McCurry, William Leeson Street; *McDade, Phil 31 Getty Street; McDowell, Charles 118 Leeson Street; McEntee, Charles King Street; McEntee, Joseph King Street; McEntee, James King Street; *McEntee, Edward King Street; McGahey, Bernard Lincoln Street; McGarry, Liam 19 Getty Street; McGivern, John Falls Road; McGlinchey, Joseph Theodore Street; McGookin, Peter Bombay Street; McGookin, Charles Bombay Street; *McGovern, Andrew Whiterock Road; McGregor, Daniel Irwin Street; McGuigan, Peter (USA); McKeating, James 28 Alton Street; *McKenna,  James 240 Falls Road; *McLoughlin, Philip 137 McDonnell Street; McMahon, Patrick 7 Ormond Street; McNulty, P. McMillans Place; *McWilliams, John Spinner Street
Nixon, James Merrion Street; *Nolan, Michael 93 McDonnell Street; *Nolan, James 93 McDonnell Street
Owens, James Dunmore Street; *O’Donnell, Art (USA) 1st Lieut; **O’Donnell, Edward Crocus Street; *O’Neill, Leonard Balkan Street; O’Neill, Sean (unknown address); *O’Neill, Joseph Tralee Street; O’Toole, John Spinner Street
Quinn, John 39 Cyprus Street; Quinn, Matthew Middiken Street; *Quinn, Edward 39 Cyprus Street; *Quinn, Joseph (USA) QM; *Quinn, Robert 42 Beechmount Street; Quinn, ? Townsend Street
Rafferty, John Nail Street; Rafferty, Hugh (USA); *Rocks, John Abbysinia Street
Scullion, Pat Tralee Street; Simpson, John (USA); Skelly, John Plevna Street; Smyth, Michael (England); *Sullivan, Patrick (Tralee Street)
Tevlin, Thoams Panton Street; *Trainor, Peter Barrack Street; Trainor, John Springfield Road
**Ward, William Bank Street; Wilson, Thomas Dunville Street; *Woods, William 23 Cavendish Street

B Company
Company Staff (11/7/1921)
Captain Patrick Osborne 16 Colinview Street
1st Lieut Thoams Gunn (Dublin)
2nd Lieut Patrick Brady 41 Iris Street
Company Staff (1/7/1922)
O/C Joseph Bradley (USA)
1st Lieut Terence Lee 46 Iveagh Street
2nd Lieut Ted Bannon (USA)

Allen, John St James Place
Barry, John Cavendish Street; Barnes, Patrick c/o 118 Leeson Street; Bailey, Patrick Irish Drive; **Bannon, Edward Linden Street; Barry, Patrick Cavendish Street; Bonner, John Ava Terrace; *Boomer, Robert Clondara Street; **Booth, Franics Jr Alexandra Street West; Bradley, Joseph (USA); Bradley, Michael (deceased); *Brady, John Cavendish Street (deceased); Brady, Patrick 4 iris Street; Brawney, J Ava Terrace; **Brown, Edward (USA); **Bunting, Seamus Alexandra Street West; Burns, Fred Norfolk Street; **Burns, James Earlscourt Street
**Carney, Joseph Balkan Street
Corvin, Peter (Dublin); Cromie, Frank (Dublin)
Devlin, Joseph Broadway, Falls Road; *Dinnen, Terence c/o 118 Leeson Street; **Donnelly, G. Falls Road; **Donnelly, Thomas Leeson Street; **Donnelly, ? Leeson Street; **Donnelly, Peter, Cawnpore Street; **Donnelly, Thomas Bread Street; **Doherty, John (USA); **Doherty, Charles (USA); *Doherty, Michael Cavendish Street; Doherty, James 14 Dunmore Street; Doyle, James Balkan Street; Dowd, Henry (unknown); Downey, Joseph (Dublin); Downey, Patrick (Dubliin); Doyle, John Balkan Street
Fanning, Donal Foyle Street Derry; Fanning, Edward Cavendish Street; *Farnan, James 13 Earlscourt Street; Finn, Seamus (deceased); Finn, James Charlemont, Armagh; Forrester, James 66 Balkan Street; Foster, Joseph (unknown); Fox, Anthony 82 Falls Road; Fox, Fred 82 Falls Road; Fox, Thomas (Athlone); Fox, John 21 Earlscourt Street
*Gallagher, Joseph Logan Street; *Galway, Thomas Falls Road; Galway Robert Falls Road; Garvey, Michael (unknown); Gilmartin, James (Sligo); Gillanders, Thomas (deceased); Gleenon, Charles (Dublin); Gleenon, Gerry Andersonstown, Falls Road; *Goodman, George (USA); Goodman, Joseph (USA); Goodfellow, James (USA); Graham, Rory (Sligo); Graham, Gerald Waterville Street; Gunn, Thomas (Dublin); Gunn, Hugh (Dublin)
*Hall, Sean (Dublin); Halley, Charles Cawnpore Street; Hannigan, James (Louth); Harte, Henry Falls Road; Harte, John Falls Road; *Harte, William Falls Road; Hartley, Patrick Iris Drive; Hartley, William Iris Drive; Harvey, John Lower Clonard Street; **Hawthorne, Thomas Cawnpore Street; Healy, Robert Hawthorn Street; Hunter, Thomas Forfar Street; Hunter, Robert (deceased)
Johnston, Alex Albert Street
**Keelagher, Brian Abyssinia Street; **Kellett, Thomas (Canada); Kennedy, Eamon (Tipperary)
Lappin, Charles Ormeau Road; **Lavery, F. Oakman Street; **Lee, Terence Iveagh Street; Leonard, Sean (Sligo); Loughran, Stephen (Dublin); Loughran, Henry Granville Street; Lynch, Michael Lombard Street
Madden, Richard Fort Street; Magee, Laurence (Donegal); Manning, William 55 Divis Street; **Martin, John John Street; Masterson, Brian (Cavan); Matthews, David Tralee Street; Mawhinney, Charles (unknown); Mawhinnney, Seamus (unknown); Menagh, George (unknown); **Morgan, James 80 Abyssinia Street; Moss, James Servia Street; Mulholland, Henry (unknown); **Mullan, George John Street; Murphy, Sean Falls Road; Murray, Robert Moreland Park
**McAtackney, Joseph Lady Street; **McBurney, James Barrack Street; McCarthy, Francis Briton’s Drive; McCann Seamus (Monaghan); Mccagney, Charles Arizona Street; McCann, Leonard (Dublin); McCormick, Patrick Glendun, Antrim; McCormick, James Glendun, Antrim; McCormick, Alex Falls Road; McCormick, Louis 34 Hawthorn Street; McCreely, James 60 Beechmount Street; **McCurry, Francis Cullingtree Road; McDonagh, Gerald (Dublin); McDonnell, Thomas Harrogate Street; McElroy, Leonard Cavendish Street; McErlean, Patrick Toomebridge, Antrim; **McFadden, John Jude Street; McGeown, Hugh 92 Plevna Street; McGivern, Thomas Falls Road; McGivern, Joseph Falls Road; McGowan, Archibald 161 Falls Road; **McGreevy, Joseph Pound Street; McKay, Patrick Dunmore Street; McKee, Charles (Kerry); McKee James, (USA); McKee, Henry (USA); *McKeever, John 6 Beechmount Street; McKenna, James (Dublin); McLarnon, Thomas Cavendish Street; McLaughlin, John Greencastle, Co Antrim; McMahan, Patrick Divis Drive; McMahan, Eugene (deceased); **McManus, John Nail Street; *McMillan, Edward Cavendish Street; McMullan, Alex 21 Bombay Street; McMullan, Michael (Dublin); McMurray, Patrick 35 Balkan Street; McMurray, Thomas Merrion Street; *McMurrough, Thomas Harrogate Street; McNamee, Patrick Holywood, Co Down; **McNeilly, John John Street; McParland, John Cavendish Street; **McWilliams, Patrick Plevna Street
*Nash, George 52 Gibson Street
O’Boyle, Joseph (Dublin); **O’Boyle, Owen Bantry Street; **O’Hanlon, Peter Albert Street; O’Hara, Henry (deceased); **O’Malley, Thomas Norfolk Street; O’Neill, Joseph (USA); O’Sullivan, Sean (Dublin); O’Sullivan, Maurice Walmer, Andersonstown, Belfast; Osborne, Patrick 18 Colinview Street (Captain)
Powderly, Joseph Irish Drive
**Rafferty, John Nail Street; Rafftery, Thomas Donaghmore, Co Tyrone; Regan, Francis 45 Irish Street; Reid, Patrick Whiterock Gardens; Richie, David (Dublin); Ryan, James Falls Road; Ryan, Charles (Athlone); Ryan, Philip (Dublin)
**Steele, James c/o 118 Leeson Street
**Tanney, James Hawthorn Street
**Wynne, Leo Falls Road; **Wynne, A. Harrogate Street

C Company
Company Staff (1/7/1921 C and E Companies were combined by 1922 and only an E Company return exists for that date)
Captain Joseph Murray (Dublin)
1st Lieut Sean McDevitt (Dublin)
2nd Lieut Robert Brennan Beechmount Street
Company Staff (11/7/1922 – all appear to be E Company men)
O/C David Matthews 31 Tralee Street
1st Lieut Bernard Mervyn Currie Street
2nd Lieut James Delaney 103 Balkan Street

Brady, Pat (deceased); Brennan, Robert 3 Beechmount Street (2nd Lieut); Burns, Pat 9 Pound Street; Bartlett, J. c/o 118 Leeson Street; Burns, M Durham Street; Burns, Peter Wall Street
Campbell, D c/o 118 Leeson Street; Crothers, J.  c/o 118 Leeson Street; Creighton, John c/o 118 Leeson Street; Cole, J (Scotland); Crawford, J (USA); Carroll, J. California Street; Croke, J. c/o 118 Leeson Street; Carville, J. (Scotland); Cunningham, James c/o 118 Leeson Street
Daly, Mick 20 Cape Street; Dunne, Louis Antrim Road; Donnelly, Gerard c/o 118 Leeson Street; Donnelly, Dan c/o 118 Leeson Street
Eastwood, John (Dublin)
Fahy, P. (Dublin); Farrelly, Pat c/o 19 Kildare Street; Flannagan, John Kildare Street; Finnegan, M. c/o 118 Leeson Street; Fitzpatrick, ? (Free State); Flannagan, John Kildare Street; Fleming, Patrick 94 Clowney Street; Fogarty, P. c/o 118 Leeson Street
Gunn, J. (Free State); Gibson, ? (Cork); Geehan, Thomas Glenard, Belfast; Galligan, J. (deceased); Guilar? J (deceased); Geoghan, Sean (Dublin)
Henry, D Arnon Street; Hughes, John (Cavan); Hamill, A. c/o 118 Leeson Street; Heaney, Henry (Derry)
Kane, Howard c/o 118 Leeson Street; Kane, Alan (USA); Kearns, C. c/o 118 Leeson Street; Keenan, Pat Tyrone Street; Kelly, c. c/o 118 Leeson Street; Kelly, Thomas (deceased); Kelly, John c/o 118 Leeson Street; Kennedy, Thomas (Dublin)
Largey, Sam California Street; Largey, J (USA); Leonard, J. c/o 118 Leeson Street; Loughran, Pat (deceased)
Magee, Frank (Dublin); Magee, Hugh (deceased); Maguire, J. (Free State); Maguire, Phil (deceased); Megran, D. 13 Upton Street; Monaghan, J. Wall Street; Montague, J. (Dublin); Morgan, J. c/o 118 Leeson Street; Morgan, J. 13 Wall Street; Morrissey, Victor (Dublin); Morton, W. California Street; Mullen, F. c/o 118 Leeson Street; Murray, Joseph (Dublin) Capt; Murray, M. Rockdale Street
McAuley, S. (Dublin); McAleese, Robert Wall Street; McAuley, P.J. Grove Street; McAleese, F. (Canada); McCotter, J. Upton Street; McCann, S. (Free State); McDevitt, Sean (Dublin) 1st Lieut; McDevitt, Brendan (Dublin); McDowell, S (deceased); McErlain, Pat (deceased); McIlvenny, C. (USA); McGuinness, James Arnon Street; McKinney, D 32 Ross Street; McMahon, P.J. 48 Bombay Street; McManus, Joseph c/o 118 Leeson Street; McManus, J. c/o 118 Leeson Street; McNally, A. Alton Street; McRory, Sean Harrogate Street
Nolan, James McCleery Street
O’Brien, James (Carrickmacross); O’Hara, James 13 Alton Street; O’Connor, P. Tyrone Street; O’Neill, H. Arnon Street
Quinn, John Emo Villa, Falls Road
Rainey, Thomas 22 Clonard Street; Redmond, P. (Free State); Reilly, John c/o 118 Leeson Street; Russell, Joseph Stanhope Street; Ryan, Joseph 92 Divis Street
Scott, Henry 42 Alton Street; Smith, Sean Gresham Street; Smith, Patrick (USA); Steele, P (deceased); Stevenson, J. (deceased); Strachan, P. (Free State)
Trainor, Thomas 12 Park Street; Tumelty, J. c/o 118 Leeson Street
Walsh, Pat (deceased)

The purpose of compiling the lists of names was part of a process of putting pension arrangements in place for veterans of the struggle for independence. Obviously, this had political connotations in the south as there were still republicans who refused to acknowledge the existence of the southern state in any form, either political or practical. To some, the pensions issue was one being driven by Fianna Fáil to try and entice more republicans into accepting the southern state.

In Belfast, the issue was more complex. There was a Pre-Truce IRA veterans organisation set-up in the city in mid-April 1935 (and tolerated by the RUC and northern government). This was the body that formed committees for the various units and helped put together the lists below. Since many from Belfast had followed Collins in taking a pro-Treaty stance (and many had not), there were still significant differences among both current and former IRA in the city. The Pre-Truce IRA had Hugh Corvin, O/C of the Belfast IRA in the mid-1920s, as secretary. It seems, from documents in the Dublin military archives, that it reported to the Director of Intelligence in the Irish Army.

The overt purpose of the lists was to identify individuals across Fianna Éireann, the IRA and Cumann na mBán who might qualify for pensions due to services rendered. Collecting the information was necessary as few formal documentary records survived and it would assist in validating future claims. The lists were to focus on two dates, coinciding with the July 1921 truce and the July 1922 attack on the Four Courts in Dublin. The Belfast returns clearly rely on those former IRA officers and volunteers who were willing to co-operate with the process (I’ve discussed the issue with regard to units of Fianna Éireann, the IRA and Cumann na mBán in North Queen Street before). In some cases, such as the 3rd and 4th Battalions of the 1st (Belfast) Brigade of the 3rd Northern Division, no lists have survived at all (as they were formed after the 1921 truce and folded back into 1st and 2nd Battalions by 1st July 1922). Not only are some unit lists missing, other existing unit lists also seem incomplete such as the 1922 list for C Company in Carrickhill.

Notably too, many (but not all) who were still active republicans have their address given as c/o 118 Leeson Street, Belfast. This was the address of a pub on Leeson Street and, given the link into the Free State’s Director of Intelligence, suggests that the information collected would also have been available for other purposes. As such, the lists are significant but are, at the same time, artefacts of the pensions process of the 1930s  with all the baggage that went with that.

I’ll add further lists next week.


33 thoughts on “Belfast Brigade IRA members, 1921-22.

  1. John,
    What is the significance of all the C Coy men using 118 Leeson St which was O’Kane’s pub as their contact address.As the list was compiled in 1936 I thought that the authors did not have up to date addresses and that why they used 118 Leeson St but is there another reason.Was Hugh O’Kane involved in IRA activities?
    Any info or views on the above.Thanks Gerry

    Liked by 1 person

    1. As far as I can tell some (but not all) republicans who were still active were assigned that address. I think I mention at the end of the post – the Pre-Truce IRA brigade/battalion committees reported into the Director of Intelligence in the Free State Army. This was the era of Dev’s Broy Harriers and I assume the list was also used for other purposes. At Gyles Quay in 1935 Dev’s men raided a Belfast IRA training camp and detained 12, just as they were about to rush back to Belfast on response to attacks around York St, N Queen St and the docks. Clearly they were monitoring northern republicans.


      1. Thanks John.
        I have gone through the Military Archives in regard to the Belfast Brigade when they went online and came across a P Fogarty in the C Coy list but no address other than the 118 Leeson St like the others.
        My grand dad was Patrick Fogarty from Moffatt St/ Henry St /Mc Cleery St and had served in the RIR in WW1 and then joined the Free State Army during the Civil War.The man who enlisted in Dundalk Barracks next to him on the Army Roll was John Morgan 7 Wall St and he was enlisted as a Sgt which would indicate previous service. There are two Morgan’s J listed on C Coy list.
        I know one John Morgan of Wall St was arrested and beaten by the police in Brown Square so I would like to find out more info on the other John Morgan.It might be a coincidence but we have 2 men in C Coy with the 118 address and 2 men enrolling in the Free State Army on the same day next to each other but I might be barking up the wrong tree.There was never any mention in the family of my granddad ‘s possible involvement in the IRA and this is the only reference that I have come across so any advise to look elsewhere for info would be appreciated.
        By the way,the missing list for the C Coy second crucial date is misfiled I think it is in the middle of the Pogram List in MA/MSPC/RO/402 and has 28 names listed.
        Regards Gerry

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      2. Thanks Gerry, I knew I had saw the 1/7/22 list somewhere else but couldn’t retrace my steps. The 2nd Battalion companies lists for D Coy (North Queen St) and C Coy (Markets) were drawn up. I think the lists are a product of the 1930s and have to be treated with caution. My suspicion about c/o 118 Leeson St was because it is the address given for Jimmy Steele (my great uncle hence the interest). He was in the Crum for treason felony by then but his usual address was New Lodge Road or North Queen St. For whatever reason 118 Leeson St is code for something but it’s not really clear what. Maybe it’s just ‘persons of interest’. As far as I can tell a lot of republicans who were up on charges during early 1930s aren’t on the list. I will put something up about it if I can work it out. I’ve checked most accounts of the period but nothing about 118 Leeson St jumped out at me. There is also a P. Steele listed in C Coy but I think it should be James Steele (Jimmy’s uncle) who lived in Tyrone St and was wounded in the head by a grenade and died a year or so later in 1923. I am dubious about the quality of the lists.


    2. Hi gerry, while doing family research i came across this site, and seen that you were enquiring about a Johnny morgan of wall street, he is my grandfather, we have not got much information , bits and pieces, would love to find out more


    1. Yeah, there were a few interned in 1938-45. Even in 1956-61, Tom O’Malley, Liam Mulholland, Joe McGurk and Jimmy Steele were all interned (O’Malley was actually sentenced and ended up falling I’ll – he was released and died a few days later). As far as I can remember, Liam Mulholland was interned again in 1971!


  2. Thanks Tom. Mary McAleese’s father, Paddy Lenaghan, later owned the bar. The bar, or the room above it, was used as a HQ by the local CDC in 1969. It is also listed separately as 118a, a store, in street directories. In the 1930s the bar was owned by Hugh O’Kane – I don’t know if he is related to Jim O’Kane, the former Republican Labour councillor who had a pub on the New Lodge Road (Starry Plough, I think). Didn’t know Dwyers used the club as an address too.

    Any suggestion as to why it was used as a c/o address? It’s clearly a coded reference to something but it’s just not clear what.


  3. Just how successful was this attempt in the 1930s to win a pension for members of the Belfast Brigade? Fox and Cullen sent a lot of correspondence to Dublin but they seem to have been given the runaround.
    My dad is not listed in Military Archives as a pensioner but he was awarded the war of independence medal. It’s still in the family.


  4. John,Have you ever seen the list of IRA personnel which was captured in the St Mary’s Hall Raid during the Truce.It was supposed to be in PRONI but when I examined the file last year I could not find it although I was short on time and may have missed it.just wondered if it was of officers only or if it contained the names and addresses of the men.Any info ?Regards Gerry


    1. I’ve looked at same file and couldn’t find it – Jim McDermott saw it (he quotes it in Northern Divisions) – it includes Volunteers and Officers. Someone must have it *on loan*.


  5. Hi John, I have been trying to track down a James Guy (Seamus Guy as mentioned above, possibly) who saw action in Donegal and Derry during the War of Independence. With such an unusual name, I hope it is the same person. Could you direct me to where you found a mention of Seamus Guy and how I might be able to find out more about him during his time in action? A general search of the Irish Military Archives, pensions record and other databases, doesn’t reveal anything. However, a Thomas Guy is registered at the Curragh Camp as an Irish Free State soldier, with an address in Irish Green Street, Derry. Looking up the 1911 Census confirms Thomas did have a brother of fighting age in 1921.

    Hope you can help in any way you can.

    Best wishes,



  6. I attach copies of Dad’s death notices which I have kept for over 60 years. He is listed on the above list of Belfast Brigade members.
    Sean McKeever obit
    Sean McKeever obit


  7. My father was Joe Savage Springfield Rd …… In the 50s due to illness my father asked me to represent him at funerals of former ‘bros-in-arms’….. I was just 14+ and so shy I did not make myself known to the bereaved…..If Brian Mc keever was ‘the same Brian at St Malachys College I was at his father’s funeral. Contact me if you wish…..Also anyone with info. about my father (aside from comments of others in Military Archives) would be appreciated.
    Rory S


  8. Does anyone have James McDermott ‘s ( Northern Division) email?
    I would like to contact him. My mother is his first cousin. Her dad was John Mcdermott.


  9. Hi John, came across your website while doing some family research and discovered family connections, gerry has asked about j Morgan of Wall Street, he is my grandfather,
    Would love to find out more and also give what we have, which is not much,


  10. Do you have any info on my father, Frank Broderick? He lived in Nail Street, Belfast. He was born October 1902


  11. Hi, bought your book on kindle. Great read. The James O’Donnell who you say stood in as OC in 1923-24 for Corvin.
    1. He is not mentioned above? Any idea why? And
    2. Any other info on him as he may be my great grandad.



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