Here are a number of publications and videos that have appeared on the blog and can be viewed and read online. You can check the list below and then view them by clicking the Reading or Videos page.


You can check out the list of publications below and view them at the Reading page here.

Antrim’s Patriot Dead by Jimmy Steele. full text.

Belfast and Nineteen Sixteen: 1916-1966 by Jimmy Steele. full text.

Belfast Battalion: a history of the Belfast IRA 1922-1969 by John O’Neill. sample only.

Evidence on Conditions in Ireland by Albert Coyle. sample only.

Facts and Figures of the Belfast Pogrom 1920-1922 by G.B. Kenna. sample only.

I.R.A. Constitution. full text.

Irish White Cross Report by the Irish White Cross. sample only.

The Escape by Hugh McAteer. full text.

Torture by Association for Legal Justice. full text.

Who Burnt Cork City? by Irish Labour Party and Trade Union Congress. sample only.


You can check out the list of videos below and view them at the Videos page here.

Odd Man Out (talk)

Belfast is Complicated

Jimmy Steele Speaking at Barnes-McCormack reburial in 1969

Steele and McAteers’ Daring Escape from the Crumlin Road Gaol. 

1916 Centenary Commemoration, Glasnevin. James Connolly Heron reading the 1916 Proclamation.

The Funeral of Barnes and McCormack, July 1969.

Sailortown, Belfast, and the experience of violence in 1935 (talk)

Ciaran McKeown speaking at rally outside GPO, 17 August 1969. 

Five Gaelic Football Rule Changes.

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