Kieron Glennon on the 3rd Northern Division

Great post over at the Irish Story (from Kieran Glennon, author of From Pogrom to Civil War – Tom Glennon and the Belfast IRA) looking at the growth, then the disintegration of the 3rd Northern Division in the early 1920s. Click here to view the post. One thing I am not so sure about isContinue reading “Kieron Glennon on the 3rd Northern Division”

Belfast IRA commandants from 1916 to 1969

Previously, I’d published a chronology of the Belfast IRA commandants from 1924 to 1969, including some revisions and a look at gaps in the list. As more files, mainly pension applications, have been released by the Military Archives in Dublin, it has been possible to put together a picture from the Easter Rising in 1916Continue reading “Belfast IRA commandants from 1916 to 1969”

Roll of Honour, Belfast, 1916-1966 (update)

Roll of Honour, Belfast, 1916-1966 The following is a first update on a roll of honour for Belfast 1916-66 as posted previously. Please add any further information, comments or suggestions. Charlie Monaghan, IRB, 21/04/1916 James Johnston, IRB, 1917 (date of death not established) Bernard MacMackin, IRB, 29/5/1917 Vol. Joseph Giles, Óglaigh na hÉireann, 20/7/1920 FianContinue reading “Roll of Honour, Belfast, 1916-1966 (update)”

Belfast men in the Pro-Treaty IRA

Who from Belfast joined the Free State Army and fought on the Pro-Treaty side in the Civil War? In numerical terms, at least 216 men from the general Belfast area are listed in the Free State Army census of November 1922 (you can see them here). A total of 366 Belfast men were  also recordedContinue reading “Belfast men in the Pro-Treaty IRA”

Belfast Brigade IRA members, 1921-22.

Here are some lists of the members of individual companies of the IRA in Belfast on two specific dates in 1921 and 1922 (transcribed from documents at the Military Archives). There some discussion of the lists at the end of this post. The lists were compiled in the mid-1930s and are based on the memory ofContinue reading “Belfast Brigade IRA members, 1921-22.”