IRA in Ardoyne, Carrickhill and New Lodge


Further to the previous post on names of IRA volunteers in Belfast, here are the listed names for companies in North Belfast, namely C Company of 1st Battalion in Carrickhill, A Company in 2nd Battalion (Ardoyne and the Bone) and D Company in 2nd Battalion (North Queen Street and New Lodge). The same issue apply to the lists as in the previous post. The lists were prepared in the 1930s for two dates, July 1921 and July 1922.

There is no list for D Company on the latter date and list for that date for C Company is hidden among other papers (in MA/MSPC/RO/402 in the Military Archives in Dublin – thanks to Gerry Smith for that information). The D Company list appears incomplete and others from the district appear in other returns (eg Jimmy Steele appears under B Company of the 1st Battalion, based on the Falls Road). The meaning of the code used for some addresses, c/o 118 Leeson Street, isn’t clear either.

Street names and names are as given on the lists and those marked * appear on the July 1921 and July 1922 return, while those marked ** only appear on the July 1922 return.

C Company, 1st Battalion (Carrickhill)

Brady, Pat (deceased); **Brannigan, T. Drumkeen, Ballinahinch; Brennan, Robert 3 Beechmount Street (2nd Lieut); Burns, Pat 9 Pound Street; Bartlett, J. c/o 118 Leeson Street; **Brown, Patrick Annesboro, Co Down; **Burke, Wm. 8 Ross Street; Burns, M Durham Street; **Burns, James 10 Earlscourt Street; Burns, Peter Wall Street; **Burns, Patrick 25 California Street
Campbell, D c/o 118 Leeson Street; **Casey, P. 8 Linden Street; **Cassidy, Joseph 3 Ardilea Street; **Close, H. Braniel, Castlereagh; Crothers, J.  c/o 118 Leeson Street; Creighton, John c/o 118 Leeson Street; Cole, J (Scotland); Crawford, J (USA); *Carroll, J. 38 California Street; Croke, J. c/o 118 Leeson Street; **Crossey, H. 38 Blacks Court, Lurgan; Carville, J. (Scotland); **Cunningham, Edward Winetavern Street; Cunningham, James c/o 118 Leeson Street
Daly, Mick 20 Cape Street; Dunne, Louis Antrim Road; Donnelly, Gerard c/o 118 Leeson Street; Donnelly, Dan c/o 118 Leeson Street
Eastwood, John (Dublin)
Fahy, P. (Dublin); **Ferris, William 6 Osman Street; *Flannagan, John 26 Kildare Street; Fitzpatrick, ? (Free State); Fleming, Patrick 94 Clowney Street; Fogarty, P. c/o 118 Leeson Street; Finnegan, M. c/o 118 Leeson Street; Farrelly, Pat c/o 19 Kildare Street
Gunn, J. (Free State); Gibson, ? (Cork); Geehan, Thomas Glenard, Belfast; Galligan, J. (deceased); Guilar? J (deceased); Geoghan, Sean (Dublin)
Henry, D Arnon Street; Hughes, John (Cavan); Hamill, A. c/o 118 Leeson Street; Heaney, Henry (Derry)
Kelly, Thomas (deceased); Kelly, John c/o 118 Leeson Street; Kennedy, Thomas (Dublin); Kearns, C. c/o 118 Leeson Street; Kelly, C. c/o 118 Leeson Street; **Kelly, P. Annesboro, Co Down; Keenan, Pat Tyrone Street; Kane, Howard c/o 118 Leeson Street; Kane, Alan (USA); **Kavanagh, William 92 Antrim Road; *Largey, Sam 34 California Street; Largey, J (USA); Loughran, Pat (deceased); Leonard, J. c/o 118 Leeson Street
Monaghan, J. Wall Street; Maguire, J. (Free State); Morton, W. California Street; Murray, Joseph (Dublin) Capt; Montague, J. (Dublin); Maguire, Phil (deceased); Magee, Frank (Dublin); Magee, Hugh (deceased); Morrissey, Victor (Dublin); Morgan, J. c/o 118 Leeson Street; Mullen, F. c/o 118 Leeson Street; Murray, M. Rockdale Street; *Morgan, J. 13 Wall Street; *Megran, D. 13 Upton Street; **Mawhinney, Charles 118 Upper Library Street; McAuley, S. (Dublin); McErlain, Pat (deceased); McKinney, D 32 Ross Street; McDowell, S (deceased); McAleese, Robert Wall Street; McManus, J. c/o 118 Leeson Street; McNally, A. Alton Street; McDevitt, Sean (Dublin) 1st Lieut; McDevitt, Brendan (Dublin); McAuley, P.J. Grove Street; McAleese, F. (Canada); McMahon, P.J. 48 Bombay Street; McRory, Sean Harrogate Street; McCotter, J. Upton Street; McCann, S. (Free State); McManus, Joseph c/o 118 Leeson Street; *McGuinness, James Arnon Street; McIlvenny, C. (USA)
Nolan, James McCleery Street
O’Brien, James (Carrickmacross); *O’Hara, James 13 Alton Street; O’Connor, P. Tyrone Street; *O’Neill, H. 42 Arnon Street; **O’Neill, Patrick 15 Wall Street; **O’Toole, John 12 Spinner Street
Quinn, John Emo Villa, Falls Road
Reilly, John c/o 118 Leeson Street; Ryan, Joseph 92 Divis Street; Redmond, P. (Free State); *Russell, Joseph Stanhope Street; Rainey, Thomas 22 Clonard Street
Smith, Patrick (USA); Stevenson, J. (deceased); Strachan, P. (Free State; *Scott, Henry 42 Alton Street; Steele, Patrick (deceased); Smith, Sean Gresham Street
Tumelty, J. c/o 118 Leeson Street; *Trainor, Thomas 12 Park Street
Walsh, Pat (deceased)

A Company, 2nd Battalion (Ardoyne and the Bone)
O/C Michael McAnearney, Herbert St
1st Lieut Henry McCollum (Australia)
2nd Lieut Patrick Taylor 40 Havana Street

(1922 staff)
O/C Franics Toolan (Dublin)
1st Lieut Thomas Duffy Elmfield Street
2nd Lieut James Duffy Butler Street
**Barrett, Edward Brookfield Street; Braden, J. Butler Street; Braden, J. Chief Street; *Bradley, Arthur Butler Street; *Bradley Robert Butler Street; Bradley J. Butler Street; *Bradley, James Herbert Street; Burns, F. Butler Street; Burns, O. Butler Street; Byers, J. Jamaica Street.
*Callaghan, Edward Oakfield Street; Callaghan, B. Oakfield Street; *Carmichael, W. Parkview Street; Carmichael, R. Parkview Street; Carolan, A. (Dublin); Cassidy, J. Ardilea Street; Collins, B. Ardilea Street; Collins, J. Whiterock Road; **Collins, W. Whiterock Road; Connor, P. Butler Street; *Cosgrove, P. Parkview Street;  **Corry, Thomas Australia
*Deans, J. Herbert Street; Duffy, F. Butler Street; **Duffy, James Butler Street; *Duffy, Thomas Crumlin Street.
Ferran, J. Parkview Street; Forsythe, T. Ardoye Avenue.
Green, P. Butler Street;
Heaney, T. Havana Street; Hughes, J. Butler Street; *Hughes, Peter Legoniel Street; *Hughes, Edward Crumlin Street; Hughes, P. (deceased); Hunter, J. Ardilea Street.
Kane, J. Havana Street
Mackin, J. Ardilea Street; Megaghey, P. Flax Street; Miles, T. Chatham Street; **Millens, William Parkview Street; Mills, W. Parkview Street; Mills, O. Chatham Street; Morrison, D. (deceased); *Morrison, W. Parkview Street; Moore, J. Havana Street; *Mulholland, J. Butler Street; Mulholland, M. Butler Street; Mulholland, W. Free State; Murray, J. Chatham Street; Murphy, F. Parkview Street; *Murphy, J. Parkview Street; Murphy, T. Parkview Street; Montgomery, ? Glenview Street; Magillicuddy, ? Mayfair Street; *McAllister, W. Greencastle; *McAllister, J. Ardliea Street; McAnerney, M. Herbert Street; McAnerney, H. Herbert Street; McAnerney, J. Herbert Street; *McCaffery, Samuel Chatham Street; McCallum, H. Havana Steet; McCurry, A. Elmfield Street; McDonald, J. Ardliea Street; McDonald, T. Butler Street; McGee, J. Chatham Street; McGrath, P. Ardilea Street; McGribben, E. Parkview Street; McGowan, O. Parkview Street; *McGuinness, William Herbert Street; *McGuigan, Charles Crumlin Street; McKeown, F. Butler Street; McKeown, A. Dublin; McKenna, J. Crumlin Street; **McKenna, Thomas Crumlin Street; McIlkenny, T. Parkview Street; McMahon, J. Dublin; McNeill, R. Havana Street; McNeill, H. Flax Street; McNally, J. Ardilea Street; McCann, D. Ardoyne; McPhillips, J. Ardilea Street; McLarnon, P. Butler Street; **McBriarty, Michael Glenard; **McDonnell, John Chatham Street; **Myles, John Australia.
O’Connor, P. Butler Street; O’Hare, P. Oldpark Road; *O’Hanlon, James Herbert Street; *O’Neill, Robert Chatham Street; O’Neill, A. Butler Street; O’Shea, T. Crumlin Street; O’Shea, P. Crumlin Street; **O’Shea, John Crumlin Street.
Quinn, J. Herbert Street
*Rafferty, P. Falls Road; Rafferty, P. Butler Street; Reid, J. Chatham Street; **Reid, T. Chatham Street; Riley, J. Butler Street; Riley, J. Chatham Street; Rolleston, J. Herbert Street
Sheridan, N. Brookfield Street; Shearer, P. Falls Road; *Shields, P. Parkview Street; Shepperd, H. Glenard; Skillen, J. Glenard; Southwaite, J. Chief Street; Southwaite, L. Chief Street; *Stewart, Charles Parkview Street; Stewart, C. Ardilea Street
Taylor, P. Havana Street; Taylor, J. Havana Street;Taylor, E. Havana Street; *Toolan, Francis Dublin; Toolan, P. Butler Street; Topping, S. Mayfair Street
*Wales, J. Elmfield Street; Wallace, J. Jamaica Street; Warsfold, P. Brookfield Street;
*Young, J. Butler Street.


D Company, 2nd Battalion (North Queen Street and New Lodge)
O/C Hugh Donnelly (Dublin)
1st Lieut B O’Neill (Dublin)
2nd Lieut James Nolan 9 McCleery Street

Cassidy, J. c/o 118 Leeson Street
Coffey, C. (Dublin)
Donnelly, Hugh (Dublin) Capt (O/C)
Devine, J (Dublin)
Doherty, Phil c/o 118 Leeson Street
Edwards, B. (USA)
Griffen, F. Hardinge Street
Hudson, B. New Lodge Road
Hayes, S. c/o 118 Leeson Street
Heffernan, P. (Scotland)
Hunt, P. (USA)
Gough, H. c/o 118 Leeson Street
Kavanagh, B. c/o 118 Leeson Street
Legg, J. c/o 118 Leeson Street
Nolan, James. 9 McCleery Street (2nd Lieut)
O’Neill, B. c/o 118 Leeson Street (1st Lieut)
McGinness(?), J. Pinkerton Street
McFadden, H. c/o 118 Leeson Street
McKinstry, D. (USA)
McKeating, S. Great Patrick Street
Scott, J. Pilot Street
Feeney, J. c/o 118 Leeson Street


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  1. File Reference MD19200 relates to my grandfather receiving his 1917 – 1921 service medal for A Coy. (Ballymacarett), 2nd Battalion, 1st Belfast Brigade, 3rd Northern Division.
    Was it possible to leave a Company and rejoin into another Company as your list has my grandfather Victor Morrissey in C Coy (Carrickhill), 1st Battalion In 1922.

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