Winston Churchill and other cartoons from 1922

Here’s some cartoons from the Sunday Independent in early 1922. Given the papers recent ethos, their political emphasis is maybe surprising. The cartoons were all apparently drawn by Gordon Brewster. The first three date from the period in February and March 1922, in the immediate aftermath of the Weaver Street bombing. The second three areContinue reading “Winston Churchill and other cartoons from 1922”

New early letters: creating James Connolly

This post continues the short series on James Connolly’s early life and influences with some previously unrecognised writings from the early 1890s. Conventionally, Connolly biographies have him deserting the British Army in 1889, returning to Scotland and living first in Dundee before then returning to Edinburgh and marrying Lily Reynolds by around 1891. The reasonContinue reading “New early letters: creating James Connolly”

J. Connolly, 1862-1916: creating James Connolly

This is the second of four posts on James Connolly’s early life looking at what helped shape him. The first looked at the 1872 lamplighters strike. This one looks at his brother John. The next post will look at some early writing by Connolly from 1889-1891 (which may not have been recognized up to now).Continue reading “J. Connolly, 1862-1916: creating James Connolly”

The 1872 Edinburgh Lamplighters strike: creating James Connolly

I’m going to do some posts on James Connolly in the run up to the anniversary of his execution next week, in particular some of the unexplored experiences that may have shaped his politics and values and created the James Connolly that emerges in his later writing and politics. I’m going to start by lookingContinue reading “The 1872 Edinburgh Lamplighters strike: creating James Connolly”

The Wayfarer, by Padraig Pearse

The Wayfarer The beauty of the world hath made me sad,This beauty that will pass;Sometimes my heart hath shaken with great joyTo see a leaping squirrel in a tree,Or a red lady-bird upon a stalk,Or little rabbits in a field at evening,Lit by a slanting sun,Or some green hill where shadows drifted bySome quiet hillContinue reading “The Wayfarer, by Padraig Pearse”

Videos and Books: Library now online

You can now watch various videos as well as read books on the Library pages on These are organised under the Library tab (at the top of the page). With separate pages for videos (Video) and books and articles (Reading). Keep an eye on the pages as they will be periodically updated with additionalContinue reading “Videos and Books: Library now online”

Library update: IRA Constitution

The blog now has a Library page where I’ve gathered together various documents and books that have been posted up over the last few years. The most recent is a copy of the IRA’s Constitution (in this case the edition issued in 1934). You can access it below. It’s full title is actually “Constitution andContinue reading “Library update: IRA Constitution”