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You’ll find links here to a number of side projects that has created useful resources for historians and were published on, or put together, for the blog.


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Mapping the Belfast IRA

An ongoing project is mapping out various sets of records of members of the Belfast IRA, republican organisations and republican prisoners up to the 1960s (in case anyone is getting overexcited by what they think they might find). You can search in various ways – by name, by list (eg Belfast Battalion, Irish Volunteers, in 1916) and by scrolling around the map. You can find Mapping the IRA at this link.

List of Republican Fatalities in Belfast, 1916-2016

Another ongoing project is documenting republican fatalities in Belfast from 1916 onwards, including all organisations and political groups which designate themselves as republican. The most frequent revisions cover the period from 1919 through to 1922 where regular releases of new material from the Military Archives in Dublin has significant expanded the number of IRA fatalities for that period. Other notable additions relate to premature mortality amongst internees and prisoners, mainly from the 1938-1950 period. This mainly includes individuals where there appears to be a clear causal link between the conditions of their incarceration and premature death, often signalled by an early release due to terminal illness. But other cases have come to light where a period of imprisonment has been followed by chronic ill health and early death and a link between the two seems highly probable. Individuals are not identified by organisation or any other title with only the name and date of death included. Particularly for recent decades, all those who presented themselves as ‘republican’ and/or are typically listed on an organisational ‘roll of honour’ are included.  Typically, these fatalities relate to violence but also include prison fatalities, accidents and others who died in the course of their republican activities. You can see the complete list here with some discussion of individual entries in the comments section. Anyone with suggested additions, please add them in the comments.

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