The Irish White Cross

Here’s an interesting angle to explore the impact of violence during the War of Independence. The Irish in America had responded to the war by founding and supporting the American Committee for Relief in Ireland. It raised funds to mitigate suffering arising from the war which is dispersed through the Irish White Cross which hadContinue reading “The Irish White Cross”

Was a Belfast IRA commander expelled over a pension application?

Was a Belfast IRA commander expelled from the IRA for making a pension application? One of the files included in the latest release of files from the Military Archives is a pension applications made by Davy Mathews starting in 1933 when he was O/C of the Belfast IRA. In January 1934 he was expelled fromContinue reading “Was a Belfast IRA commander expelled over a pension application?”

A Couple of Essay by Niall Meehan

Here’s a post from Niall Meehan with links to a couple of essays, The Embers of Revisions (by Niall) and The Wind That Shakes The Barley (by Brian Murphy): For those interested in politics and history in Ireland from a left-wing perspective, please find attached a recently published pamphlet on Irish history and politics withContinue reading “A Couple of Essay by Niall Meehan”

Belfast Battalion now available…

As of today, you can buy your copy of Belfast Battalion at the following locations:   Dublin Connolly Books, Essex Street East, Temple Bar   Belfast Sinn Féin Book Shop, 55 Falls Road, Belfast        Glasgow Calton Books, 159 London Road, Glasgow*         *It should be available by Monday or TuesdayContinue reading “Belfast Battalion now available…”

Belfast Battalion available as ebook from today…

You can now read the newly published book on the Belfast IRA (1922-1969). Ahead of schedule, I know, but the ebook/Kindle edition of Belfast Battalion has already gone live on Amazon at the link below (where you can also get a preview). Anyone who doesn’t use Kindle or ebooks can read a sample chapter below.Continue reading “Belfast Battalion available as ebook from today…”

Torture, 1971

This report on Torture: The Record of British Brutality in Ireland details the experiences of those tortured by British Army personnel and RUC personnel and was published in 1971. The report was published by Northern Aid in co-operation with The Association for Legal Justice. Northern Aid was an organisation founded to raise funds for the relief of distressContinue reading “Torture, 1971”

1970s Christmas Messages from Republican News

Usually I don’t cover the post-1970 period directly, but here is some early 1970s Christmas items from Republican News. The articles include a two page spread on Long Kesh naming many of those interned at Christmas 1974, a number of front covers, messages from individual battalions of the Belfast Brigade and even a piece supportingContinue reading “1970s Christmas Messages from Republican News”