Mapping the Belfast IRA

This map is based on the information used in the Belfast Battalion book (which you can order here).

The map includes:

  • the list of Irish Volunteers from Belfast who mobilised for the Easter Rising in 1916
  • the Frongoch internees from Belfast
  • a full list of the 1st Belfast Brigade of the 3rd Northern Division (based on the lists compiled in the 1930s)
  • the Belfast IRA members listed in the Irish Army’s 1922 census
  • a list of Argenta internees from Belfast
  • a list of those interned during the Boundary Commission crisis of 1925-6
  • a list of those suspected by the RUC of being active in the IRA and Cumann na mBan in the 1930s
  • Al Rawdah internees (1940-41), this includes all internees not just those from Belfast
  • Belfast internees and sentenced prisoners from 1956-62.

I’ll be cleaning the map up over time and will add further details on the source material for the various lists plus individual maps etc (all on this page).

While this is a work in progress, you can view the map below. It may be easiest to search for individual surnames or streets as not all street locations still exist, although be aware that spellings may vary slightly. Similarly, if you visit Crumlin Road Gaol (on the map) you view some particular lists. You can see other lists at the former locations of the Willowbank huts on the Falls Road near La Salle, Pearse Hall in King Street, St Marys Hall near Kellys Cellars and Milltown Cemetery. I added the Al Rawdah internees at the Belfast ferry terminus (for convenience as the ship was anchored in Strangford Lough). I’ll add explanations for the choice of locations in the future. I may also add more lists.

There are some quick instructions on how to view/search the maps if you follow this thread:



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