An IRA minimanual of the urban guerilla

Here’s a local precursor to Carlos Marighela’s Minimanual of the Urban Guerilla. As part of the ongoing propaganda battle between republicans and the northern government, the Belfast Battalion monthly newspaper,¬†Resurgent Ulster, was issued as ‘Ulaidh ag Ais√©irghe‘ in October 1954 (against the backdrop of Laochra Uladh‘s campaign and the agitation by Liam Kelly). The nameContinue reading “An IRA minimanual of the urban guerilla”

Two poems dedicated to IRA Lieut Tom Williams, hung 2nd Sept 1942

The northern government had hung IRA Lieut Tom Williams on 2nd September 1942 as a reprisal for the death of RUC Constable Patrick Murphy after a botched diversionary attack on Easter Sunday the same year (Williams hadn’t even fired a gun during the confrontation that followed). While executions had become a staple diet of the De Valera regimeContinue reading “Two poems dedicated to IRA Lieut Tom Williams, hung 2nd Sept 1942”