Another year, another anniversary: the Fenians

Another year, another anniversary. This year sees the 150th anniversary of the proclamation of an Irish Republic by a provisional government of the Irish Republican Brotherhood, popularly known as the Fenians. It also marks the 150th anniversary of the execution of the Manchester Martyrs, which was to attain great significance among republicans until 1916 andContinue reading “Another year, another anniversary: the Fenians”

Proclamations of an Irish Republic, 1803, 1867, 1916

The proclamation issued in 1916 wasn’t the first of its kind to be issued in Ireland. At least two other proclamations were direct precursors of the 1916 proclamation, the first issued in 1803, the second in 1867. On 23rd July 1803, the last official communication from the Society of United Irishmen was printed in Dublin.Continue reading “Proclamations of an Irish Republic, 1803, 1867, 1916”