The start of the Belfast pogroms, July 12th 1920

It will be interesting to see how much airtime is given to one of this year’s most significant centenaries over the next week or two, that of the start of the Belfast pogroms in July 1920. On July 12th 1920, Edward Carson addressed the assembled Belfast Orangemen at Finaghy telling them that the UVF wouldContinue reading “The start of the Belfast pogroms, July 12th 1920”

Catholic districts, Belfast, 1922

   This is part of a map showing, in green, what were considered as areas which had mainly Catholic residents in 1922 (and so were regarded as politically nationalist or republican). Most are instantly recognisable, as the Falls and Carrickhill, although in 1922, the Smithfield district was heavily populated linking the two together. The (Low)Continue reading “Catholic districts, Belfast, 1922”