Antrim’s Patriot Dead

In the mid-1960s, the National Graves Association in Belfast produced two commemorative booklets as part of an attempt to raise funds for works in Milltown cemetery. One was 1916-66: Belfast and nineteensixteen  which I posted previously. The other was Antrim’s Patriot Graves which had appeared previously in various formats, as Belfast Patriot Graves and, to some extent, had originatedContinue reading “Antrim’s Patriot Dead”

The bombing of the republican plot in Milltown

This is the story of the bombing and destruction of the original republican plot in Milltown cemetery in Belfast. When most people think of the republican plot in Milltown, they usually think of it as the County Antrim memorial erected on the Tom Williams plot in the mid-1960s. The older republican monument, though, is theContinue reading “The bombing of the republican plot in Milltown”