Revisiting 1969: the myth of a pre-August 1969 split

I have a few posts on events in 1969 taking a fresh look at some key events. This will include the deployment of the British Army, the introduction of internment and the split in the Belfast IRA in September 1969. But they are for another day. Firstly, I’m going to wrap up the previous postContinue reading “Revisiting 1969: the myth of a pre-August 1969 split”

IRA split 1969: unpublished speeches

Here are two unpublished speeches given in July 1969 at an event that later portrayed as central to the split in the IRA later that year 1969. I’ve posted about it previously, so rather than add more to that, I’ll just post the speeches (this is taken from the audio mentioned in those links). TheContinue reading “IRA split 1969: unpublished speeches”

Some audio from Jimmy Steele, 6th July 1969

Here is some audio from Jimmy Steele’s speech at the Barnes-McCormick re-burial at Ballyglass cemetery, Mullingar, on the 6th July 1969. The first is the widely repeated reference to Chairman Mao: The second is the close of the speech with a widely-omitted reference to James Connolly:   You can view some footage of the reburial here.