Map of IRA and Cumann na mBan suspects in Belfast

Here is the RUC’s complete suspect list for the IRA and Cumann na mBan in Belfast in the late 1930s, including both the IRA A list and B list. The A list largely contains those who the RUC had previously arrested and held for various periods of time.┬áTogether, the combined lists contain five hundred andContinue reading “Map of IRA and Cumann na mBan suspects in Belfast”

RUC list of IRA suspects

The following is the RUC’s ‘A’ list of Irish Republican Army suspects in Belfast in January 1938. The list below is organised by RUC district and is an extract from a 1930s RUC Diary that is in private hands. Names and addresses are recorded (more or less) as they are listed by the RUC, althoughContinue reading “RUC list of IRA suspects”