The IRA’s ‘Northern Campaign’

Did the IRA mount a ‘northern campaign’ in 1942-43? According to some historians the IRA began a campaign against the northern government in 1942, which most call the ‘Northern Campaign’. Oddly, though, there is no evidence to suggest that the IRA ever formally began such a campaign. In early 1942, under Sean McCool then EoinContinue reading “The IRA’s ‘Northern Campaign’”

IRA Special Manifesto, August 29th 1942 and the ‘northern campaign’

In the days leading up to the execution of Tom Williams in 1942, the IRA released a ‘Special Manifesto‘ as a printed circular on Sunday 30th August, largely written by John Graham and Hugh McAteer. This was the day following a reprieve for five of Williams’ co-accused. This ‘Special Manifesto‘ is often presented as a proclamationContinue reading “IRA Special Manifesto, August 29th 1942 and the ‘northern campaign’”

Steele and McAteers’ Daring Escape

This is ‘Steele and McAteers Daring Escape from the Crumlin Road Jail’ as recorded by The Men of No Property in 1976. This was released on the LP, ‘Ireland – The Fight Goes On’ on Resistance records (RES 1003 LP). The sleeve notes have this to say about the song:  Steele and McAteer’s Daring EscapeContinue reading “Steele and McAteers’ Daring Escape”

The Treason Felony men

The following is a draft list of those who were charged and found guilty by the northern government, up to around 1954, under the archaic Treason Felony Act of 1848 (which still stands in the UK). The Act charges: If any person whatsoever shall, within the United Kingdom or without, compass, imagine, invent, devise, or intend toContinue reading “The Treason Felony men”

Mass escape from Derry Jail, 2oth March 1943

On the 20th March 1943 the IRA staged a mass escape through a tunnel from Derry Jail. The escape was one of a series of high profile actions by the IRA in the north in the first half of 1943. The escape itself is well covered by an episode of the TG4 series, Ealú. This articleContinue reading “Mass escape from Derry Jail, 2oth March 1943”

Some notes on the prison experience in Crumlin Road in the 1940s.

Here are some notes on the conditions in Crumlin Road by 1943-44. They cover the deaths of seven prisoners, conditions inside the prison and accounts of beatings handed out to individual prisoners over that two year period. The dismissal of a prison officer and warders from A wing following the report into the January 1943 escapeContinue reading “Some notes on the prison experience in Crumlin Road in the 1940s.”