A brief history of Cumann na mBan in Belfast from the 1920s to 1960s

This is a short history of Cumann na mBan in Belfast from the end of the civil war through to the 1960s. Obviously, anyone with information that enhances the story or adds further details is more than welcome to share it in the comments section. Jack McNally (in his 1989 autobiography, Morally Good, But Politically Bad)Continue reading “A brief history of Cumann na mBan in Belfast from the 1920s to 1960s”

Fian Sean Doyle, died 10th April 1944

On the 11th April, 1944, the Irish Independent reported from Belfast: BELFAST YOUTH SHOT DEAD A Belfast youth, John Doyle (16) of Britton’s Drive. Whiterock Rd, Belfast, died in hospital from a bullet wound in the head. He was found wounded in his home. It is believed that he was examining a revolver when it went off. Other members of the family wereContinue reading “Fian Sean Doyle, died 10th April 1944”

Roll of Honour, Belfast, 1916-1966 (update)

Roll of Honour, Belfast, 1916-1966 The following is a first update on a roll of honour for Belfast 1916-66 as posted previously. Please add any further information, comments or suggestions. Charlie Monaghan, IRB, 21/04/1916 James Johnston, IRB, 1917 (date of death not established) Bernard MacMackin, IRB, 29/5/1917 Vol. Joseph Giles, Óglaigh na hÉireann, 20/7/1920 FianContinue reading “Roll of Honour, Belfast, 1916-1966 (update)”

Fianna Éireann in Belfast, 1917-24.

This article takes a look at Fianna Éireann in Belfast in the period after the Easter Rising in 1916, through to 1923-24 when the organisation more or less collapsed. It includes a list of members of the 1st Battalion, Belfast Brigade, for 1921 and more detailed accounts of the north Belfast companies (in 2nd battalion). It alsoContinue reading “Fianna Éireann in Belfast, 1917-24.”