IRA appeal to the Orange Order

An Address from the Army Council of the Irish Republican Army to the Men and Women of the Orange Order [This is the text as quoted by The Kerryman on 16th July 1932. It was published in An Phoblacht the same day and had been largely written by Peader O’Donnell. Prior to publication, it had beenContinue reading “IRA appeal to the Orange Order”

The banning of An Phoblacht, January 1926.

On 7th January 1926 the northern government made possession of An Phoblacht an offence under Regulation 26 of the Civil Authorities (Special Powers) Act. The dual purpose of censorship and criminalisation was to provide the northern government with a recurring method of repressing political opposition, starting as soon as An Phoblacht was banned. The publication of An Phoblacht had started again from JuneContinue reading “The banning of An Phoblacht, January 1926.”