Launch events for Belfast Battalion…

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There will be a couple of launch events for Belfast Battalion on 8th December in Belfast. The details of the morning one are below.

8th December, 11 am, St Joseph’s Church, Sailortown (see here for location).

St Josephs The summer of 1935 saw the most significant violence in Belfast between 1922 and 1969. Mainly concentrated in the Docks area, the events of 1935 are repeatedly referenced in reporting of the conflict that re-emerged over the summer of 1969. Rather than concentrating on the wider causes of the violence this talk will look at people’s experience on the streets off Garmoyle Street, Nelson Street and York Street in 1935. After the violence, Sailortown residents submitted compensation claims to Belfast Corporation which provide first hand accounts of various incidents. What residents witnessed in 1935 likely became part of local history and folklore and influenced how people reacted to events in 169.


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