Captain Lynch, Parachute Regiment: a Fianna Fáil connection?

Did Taoiseach Jack Lynch have a nephew who was a Captain in the Paras in Belfast in 1972? I came across this by accident. It’s on the front page of Republican News of 28th May 1972 (see below).

There, on the right hand side, is a little insert which simply states that: “The people of New Lodge may be shocked to learn that the Officer in Charge of the Paratroopers on this district is Captain Lynch, from Waterford, a nephew of the Taoiseach, Mr Jack Lynch.” I can’t immediately locate any more information that sheds any light on this. Given the circumstances (a month after Widgery and four months after Bloody Sunday), if true, was it a PR stunt by the British Army and (or) an attempt to influence the attitude of the Irish government?

Anyone with further information might stick a comment below? Is this a mistake or is there more to it?


3 thoughts on “Captain Lynch, Parachute Regiment: a Fianna Fáil connection?

  1. You could I suppose write directly to a surviving member of Jack Lynch’s family, (since he died in his 80s in 1999), and ask them if a nephew from Waterford joined the British Army and if so was he posted to NI in 1972.

    Otherwise, if this man was a capt in 1972 he was probably around 30-35 years old so maybe born around 1938 – 44.
    To see whether the info that this capt was a Waterford man was actually true, is there no one in Waterford who could offer to check the birth records/ school rolls/property listings in the Town Hall/Library/parish registers/local newspapers for births, deaths and marriages?
    And see if they could find some son of Waterford called Lynch who joined the British Army?
    Finding out who his relatives were would be the next step!

    A hard enough task as there is only the Lynch surname to go on and it’s a common enough name.


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